5 Trending Jewellery that is in Fashion

Gold earing

Every year designers across the world bring out trends, some that are seasonal, some that have a long way to go in both clothing and Jewellery. While we await the trends eagerly we often fall short on a few aspects such as the comfort factor, pricing, customization, and occasion too. All those Haute couture seems to be for the influential, and the elite but wait not really! When it comes to Jewellery every piece is designed to be used by a woman like you and me. Some trends come and go, some remain evergreen, some make a comeback every few years, some remain seasonal- whatever may be the trend when it comes to buying Jewellery we often buy with a perspective to behold the piece for a long time whether it is simple gold earrings set or a Kada that is received as Shagun from Grandmother.

Having said that here are a few select pieces that you can buy, adorn, and revere for generations:

Diamond Sui Dhaga

Smart, chic and so very you- A diamond Sui Dhaga is our first choice for a number of reasons. It is affordable, lightweight, trendy & traditional too. A basic needle and thread concept is innovatively converted to effortless design, this is a must-have in your precious accessories for its gleaming charm, subtle style, and the ability to blend into casual as well as formal attire. We suggest you a diamond Sui Dhaga for its shiny look and broad range. 

Mangalsutra Jewellery

Traditionally black beads were only used as long chains with a delectable pendant, but today black beads are used in making a variety of precious Jewellery. Next time you want to buy black beads then do not forget to browse through the latest black bead gold bangles set, mangalsutra bracelet, black bead ring, black bead earrings that will simply make you stand out of crowd. Black beads forever have been sacred, now with the new looks, it will make you fall in love with the tradition all again.

Convertible Jewellery

Convertible Jewellery comes second to none, they are intelligently designed to multi-task for us. A choker that can be converted to a bracelet, a Vanki that can be converted to Choker, a removable Jhumka that converts to a beautiful stud, a Vaddanam that can be detached to style as Haram, necklace, or a simple pendant and many more patterns that will simply awe you. Convertible Jewellery is definitely a “great to have” category. They will simply steal all the attention and let the Jewellery speak up loud.

Temple Kada Style bangle

For those of you who want an empowering piece of Jewellery that has a blend of tradition, Indian artistry, and quirkiness. They have an element of style coupled with the relic vibe. The temple Kada can be your partner on Indian, Indo-western, and fusion wear. If you are thinking to buy online and concerned about style then no worries select an adjustable open screw Kada that is one size fits all range.

Two-finger Cocktail ring

Two-finger ring!! Does that ring a bell? If no, then browse through this very pretty design cocktail ring where you can fit in two fingers at the same time. This adorable two finger ring can be your go-to style for all those cocktail parties, Kitty parties, family reunions where you would be the star of the day for the choice of your Jewellery.

Jewellery is a powerful means of self-expression and you better not miss a single chance to throw your charm. Though buying Jewellery is fairly a personal choice, you can still take some sneak peeks online and make a smart buy.


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