5 Unavoidable Reasons People Prefer To Learn Professional Stick Shift Lessons & Why You Should Also Get The Professional Stick Shift Driving Training

Why should I learn stick shift lessons from a reputed driving school just because most of the beginners initiate to learn it?

It’s a fair question to ask, especially when you are having or want to buy an automatic car. Then why wasting time on learning stick shift unnecessary? 

While the majority of vehicles on the road today are automatic and people also prefer to buy automatic, still it is always good to start driving with the stick shift lessons training to become a pro driver. Some people take the initiative of learning manual for work reasons like valets, longshoreman, UPS drivers, and so on. And for others, learning to drive a stick shift is an inspiration to get into the detail of the car. For such people, driving a manual transmission is not about a need, instead, it’s something bigger than need- a passion to drive manual on their own. Also, according to the opinion of experienced drivers and driving tutors, it is said that if you learn to drive manual, then it becomes easy to have control of any vehicle be it automatic or manual. 

So, in particular, these are the most common reasons why people usually first prefer to start their driving journey with stick shift lessons from a professional driving school.

  • Feel more connected to the technical detail of the car

First and foremost, driving a stick shift is completely different, and according to the Hermosa Beach driving school tutors- it’s way better and safer than starting to learn with an automatic car first. Learning to drive a stick shift makes you feel way more engaged and connected to the technical features of the car and the driving environment around you. Because of that direct connection to the car, you have a better knowledge of how the car will react when you make a change, which also enables you to make better choices for the environment. That engagement with manual transmission also makes you a much more focused and responsible driver when driving a car on the road.

  • Classic and high-end vehicles require manual driving skills

Learning to drive stick shift from Hermosa Beach driving school is advantageous when you get the opportunity for driving classic cars, towing heavy loads, or driving high-end vehicles. Luxury cars are also often launched into the market as manual transmission vehicles. So, if you’re passionate about driving luxurious vehicles, then learning stick shift lessons from  experienced driving tutor is your only best bet. 

  • Develop a technical understanding of how cars work and respond in a different situation

Different cars have different features, with stick shift lessons of professional driving school you can learn how cars work and respond- after all, you are controlling your vehicle’s gear system manually. 

  • Fun to drive manual

Driving a stick shift car is a lot more fun than driving an automatic one. With a manual, you are fully engaged with the car, unlike an automatic transmission, which is almost a boring experience in comparison. 

  • Low maintenance costs

While the manual transmission is generally considered to be a decade-old technology car, but when it comes to cost- always remember old is good compared to new technology i.e. automatic transmission. 

Witnessing such beneficial and eye-opening reasons for learning stick shift, if you are finally thinking of learning to drive manual, you’ll need to get enrolled in Hermosa Beach driving school for practical and detailed learning lessons. Noted here that driving a car with a manual transmission takes time and patience, but once you get control over the stick shift, you will become a pro driver finally. Learn how to drive safely with stick shift driving lessons because now safety is in your hand.

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