Add More Style and Fashion to Your Casual Persona and Draw People’s Attention

Style and Fashion

The style and fashion bloggers are all over every social media platform! As a result, even the person with an average sense of fashion desires to appear stylish. Most people have different perceptions related to fashion. A few women would walk the extra mile to look stylish, and it is essential to respect their choice. On the other hand, there are women who would want to make the most of their relaxed and casual vibe and add more to it without going over the top. 

Everything is possible with all that the designers and fashion experts have to offer. That means a woman who loves to maintain a low profile in terms of their fashion and style can do that effortlessly. Most fashion experts believe that for some women, “less is more.” Do you want to approximate that in terms of your fashion philosophy? In that case, this article has you covered. The following guidelines can help you:

Choose colors that enhance your skin tone

Look at the stylish models in the fashion magazine, and you will find that there is a thing in common. Everyone has a flawless and smooth skin tone. While you can attribute it to make-up and an advanced airbrush software, dress colors also play a crucial part. You need to select colors that enhance your skin tone. Women with a fair skin tone can choose dark shades which will add to their natural skin tone. On the other hand, women who have a yellowish skin tone should choose warm tones like light blue, orange, light yellow, and pale pink. These colors will add to the natural skin tone’s warmth and a natural glow to make you appear attractive. It adds to your entire look. 

Dresses that complement your body type

Dresses can make you appear casual and classy as well as feminine. Choosing the correct fit is the ultimate task. Women with a slim body can select any dress fit that caters to their body type. They can choose from the little black dress to the denim pinafore dresses. However, women who have a pear-shaped body and are slightly heavier can select the A-line dresses and tunics that will hide their extra pounds and make them appear in complete shape. Shift dresses are also a good option for wearing jackets or shrugs. 

A hat is always a smart style accessory

Women who can carry a hat in style are always attractive. It is because a hat exudes charm and confidence that most women want to get for themselves. Go ahead and select a hat that caters to your style and complements your body structure. Saying yes to the ladies sun hats is a good option. It is because you can wear it as a part of your beachwear and also your daily casual wear. Being made mostly of straw, it comes with a tighter weave and provides complete protection from the sun. Today, designers have come up with stylish sun hats with intricate decorations and thread work, adding to your feminine charm. 

Refrain from going overboard with colors

When dressing casually and relaxed, you might want to play with colors and create a distinct look. While that is commendable, it is essential for you not to go overboard with colors. Ideally, you should select one color base, stick with its variations, and check what complements it. For instance, you can wear a deep blue tank top with a light blue jeans and use a red flip-flop to cut the monotony. 

Make comfort your best friend 

The idea of appearing classy and cool is to stick to clothes that add comfort to your persona. That means if you love wearing cargo pants with spaghetti tops, opt-in for it. Women who feel comfortable moving around in T-shirt dresses and cotton tunics should add more to their wardrobe. While making comfort your best friend, it is also essential to ensure that you are prim and proper, as that will give you the correct styling edge with this look. Furthermore, your make-up should be on point. Try making use of peachy tones and nude make-up palettes to enhance this look. 

Being relaxed and casual doesn’t qualify you as the girl next door. It indicates that you wish to stay true to your mood and state of mind when it comes to fashion. You want to add a sober touch of style to your existing dressing sense and ensure that you don’t overdress, which will not act in your favor. Go ahead and choose your style from the guidelines shared in this article. Though it’s not a rulebook, it will give you some idea about the way you can sport this look and get better at it. You can also add other style hacks that you find comfortable. 


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