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    Browse 105 alan ford actor stock photos and images available or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. He is an Italian immigrant, and a running gag of the series is that he is an extreme hypochondriac who suffers from many diseases or medical syndromes . He is bald and nearly toothless, and he sleeps around in the flower shop with The Boss.

    Similarly, the name of main villain Superciuk who has a notorious alcohol problem is sometimes used when joking about any drunkard, and Jeremija is often used for someone sickly or easily hurt. Sir Oliver’s line “Cijena, prava sitnica” (Price? A bargain!) is now commonplace for “it’s too expensive”. Popcycle, a Serbian britpop band, was initially called Gervasius Twinkleminkleson after the name of The Boss.

    Klodovik was also the name of the parrot Clodoveo in the Croatian editions of the comic book. Superhiks, a Macedonian rock band, was named after one of the villains in Alan Ford, Superciuk. Pero Defformero, a Serbian heavy metal band, was named after one of the characters.

    Ford has appeared on stage at the National Theatre, Royal Court Theatre, the Theatre Royal Stratford East and many repertory theatres.

    The French and Macedonian editions only saw twelve issues before they got dropped due to poor sales. It was also translated into Albanian in Serbia which saw only five issues before getting dropped, also due to poor sales. The character of Number One was introduced later into the series, in the 11th issue named “Number One”.

    Alan Ford achieved great success in SFR Yugoslavia immediately after its 1972 introduction. It survived the dissolution of the country and in 2005 it was still one of the best selling comic books in the area. Magnus drew the first 75 issues, after which he was replaced by Paolo Piffarerio in 1975. In 1983, when the comic book moved to another publisher, Max Bunker Press, Raffaele della Monica and Giuliano Piccinnino replaced Piffarerio. Board of Trustee Alan F. Horn, actor Harrison Ford and director/screenwriter J.J.


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