Beginner’s Guide to Online Rummy


The current pandemic has disrupted everybody’s social life. Having so much time free in our hands and staying indoors is just not easy. But today, technology has provided us entertainment. Smartphones are getting smarter every day. We have everything at our fingertips, including games like rummy. Rummy is the most loved card game. It has been a part of our culture for centuries. When rummy got digitalized, the gaming community got crazy about it. Every rummy app and website had to face massive traffic, both beginners and veteran players.

With time, online rummy has become a huge success, especially in India, as players can win real cash by winning online rummy games. Today, every rummy portal offers tournaments and games with huge cash prizes. So, if you are a rummy player, choose your favorite portal and start playing. But if you are a fresher, the below tips will help you excel in your game.

Know the Rummy Platform

Learning and playing online rummy is easy. A large number of players play, win and receive exciting prizes. Cash prizes are tempting. Some players might enter the tournament without practice just to win the cash prize. But before entering tournaments or cash games, you should know the platform well on which you are playing. The services and features vary from one platform to another. The user interfaces and designs also vary significantly. So, you should get familiar with the platform, different variants, scoring system, and gameplay before entering the tournament. The best way to do this is to play practice games.


You have to practice to master anything. This applies to online rummy too. The ultimate way to win a tournament is to practice a lot of games before the tournament. Playing practice games will give you a thorough understanding of the rules and the gameplay. Thus, it will improve your skills for playing online rummy games. You can experiment with various tricks and strategies to increase the probability of your win.

Play low stake games initially.

When you start performing well in free games, your confidence gets boosted up. You have a feeling that you can play cash games and tournaments well now. But jumping to high stake games or tournaments at the beginning is something you should not do. You can start with low stakes. For the players who haven’t played with cash before, playing with low stakes is an ideal step for them. That helps them analyze their performance and enhance their game.

Observe your opponent keenly.

Every participant in a tournament has an eye on the prize money. You can come across any type of player, from a beginner to a veteran. The competition can get tough too. To keep your game leveled up, you need to keep track of your opponent’s moves. Observe the cards your opponent discards and picks. Don’t discard any card from your hand that might help them. In online rummy tournaments, your observation skills and focus beat the opponents.

Choose the convenient type of tournament.

Rummy has a unique feature of tournaments. These tournaments come in different formats and variants. Some rummy platforms divide their tournaments based on prize money, time duration, entry fees, etc. To win the tournaments you have to identify what type of tournament you understand the best. Choosing tournaments according to your convenience will make your win easy and also increase the chances of winning.


Beginners can be quite excited about the rummy game. They are prone to mistakes too in this excitement. But following the above guide and save you from making mistakes. Rummy is a skill-based game. Understand your rummy platform, practice, and participate in tournaments to have an excellent gaming experience of playing rummy.


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