Different Types of Crowd Control Barriers and Their Uses


Many people think that crowd control barriers and barricades are the same. Even though their design might seem identical, they don’t serve the same purposes and come with different functionalities. 

For example, crowd control barricades will help you control the flow of traffic by preventing access to some specific area. Whereas the crowd control barriers work more like a psychological barrier. These barriers don’t prevent access completely but instead help everyone realize the importance of proper order. They are extremely effective at keeping the system organized. 

Both crowd control barricades and barriers will help you reduce the chances of accidents and increase the overall security system of the event. Here are the different types of crowd control barriers and their uses. 

Retractable Belt Barriers 

Retractable belt barriers are extremely popular in retail environments where they will help you guide customers to find the entrance and exit. Not to mention, they will also help customers in the checkout line. Retractable belt barriers are one type of loaded cassette where the belt can be retracted into the housing. This will help you store a Retractable Belt Barrier without any problem. As they are portable and lightweight, you can easily move them from one location to another. 

They are also available in various patterns, colors, and lengths. You can also customize the retractable belt barriers to print the logo and promotional message of your company. You can include LED signs, flat writing surfaces, sanitation station taps, sign inserts, and many more decorative items. They can be made of steel or plastic. Make sure you purchase a retractable belt barrier that is durable and long-lasting. 

Steel Barricades 

Due to their extremely strong and robust nature, the steel barricades are perfect in high-traffic areas. They come with an interlocking feature, which will come in handy in high-traffic areas. However, keep in mind that steel barricades are rigid and heavy and they are super hard to move from one place to another. As per Steel Construction, steel is ductile. Festivals and large events are primarily the perfect places to use the steel barricades. One of the best benefits of steel barricades is that they are available in a different range of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and more. 

They are also available in different lengths so that you can choose the perfect one as per your requirements. Not to mention, they also have different interlocking systems. While purchasing steel barrier bases, you need to choose a replaceable and removable base. This way you will be able to just change the base, not the panel, in cases of damages. 

Plastic Pedestrian Barriers

Versatile, practical, durable, and more eye-catching than the steel barriers, the plastic pedestrian barriers come in different types of colors. This is an extremely helpful feature as you will have the control of choosing something relevant as per your brand image, colors, and company’s objectives. These barriers are not only lightweight but they also feature great visibility, which makes them an ideal option for festivals and sporting events. These barriers are also easy to store and move. 


These are the different types of barriers and their uses. If you need durable retractable belt barriers to control the flow of the crowd effectively, make sure you contact us.


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