Direct Mail Marketing Ideas to Grow your Business

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Contrary to popular opinion, direct mail marketing is a productive and effective medium of reaching customers despite the wide prevalence of digital marketing media in recent times. One can even argue that snail mail is more effective when it comes to connecting with audiences be it existing or potential customers. 

The quote “Life is good, but it can be better” from Maxwell Lord in the 2020 DC movie Wonder Woman 1984 echoes the sentiment that while this channel is great in itself, the baseline strategy can be improved upon. 

Therefore, in this article, we will share with you some ideas that you can implement in your direct mail marketing campaign to grow your business. 

1. Use Simple Postcards

You might think that this might not yield the desired result, but simple has always been classy and elegant. Therefore, just send a postcard that is simple that has a clean design, bold colors, and a CTA that cannot be missed. Visit  to learn about color printing in printed media.

Also, do not forget to add your contact address. If you operate your business from a physical location, include the address and your phone number. On the other hand, if you run an online store, include a very short URL that is designed for the marketing campaign. Doing so will help you keep track of the campaign’s response rate. Ensure that you do not fill the postcard with so much unnecessary information and details. 

To make your postcard stand out from the clutter, consider increasing the size. Instead of the standard 4 by 6 inches, send a 6 by 11 inches postcard. This will make the postcard more noticeable.

2. Send Mail that is Unusually Sized

In this case, you are not sending a postcard that is oversized; instead, you are sending a printed media that is not commonly received in the mail. For instance, you can send a brochure. 

With a brochure, you have the liberty to provide the recipient with more information. However, although you are at liberty to be more expressive, ensure that the information provided doesn’t become overwhelming. Therefore, “simple” is still the way to go in this case. 

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3. Include Short URLs and Promo Codes

For folks who want to increase their website traffic, you should include a short URL that will link customers to your website. The reason it must be short is to prevent typing errors. For some folks when they wrongly type a URL and end up on the wrong page or no page at all, they don’t bother checking if they made a mistake. Therefore, ensure that the URL you include is as short and easy as possible to understand and type with less error probability.  

Using promo codes, on the other hand, will enable you to effectively monitor the campaign’s success. Individuals who use the code will either be directed to the landing page which you created or a pop-up will appear asking them for the code. 

You can also add a QR code to the print media that folks can easily scan and then be directed to your website. Click here to find out what QR codes are. This will eliminate the possibility of typing the wrong URL. 

4. Place Items in the Envelopes

When people do not open direct mail, it means that they are not interested whatsoever in what the envelope might contain. Therefore, you need to find a way to make them curious about what is inside the envelope. 

A great way to do this is to place items in the envelope. This strategy has been proven to work for so many campaigns. The item within the envelope can be anything that you believe will appeal to your target audience.

One rule of thumb that you must follow when doing this is to ensure that what you place in the envelope is not paper-like. Hence, placing a dollar bill is just as good as placing a letter in the envelope. A coin, on the other hand, might be flat somewhat, but it can still catch the attention of the recipient that something else is inside the envelope.

You can also be very intentional and explicit by indicating on the envelope that there is a mystery item contained within. Such a move will definitely pique the curiosity of anyone to find out what is inside the envelope.    

5. Send Coupons 

Earlier on, we recommended that you send simple postcards as one of the direct mail marketing ideas you can utilize. To further make that idea a success, you should attach coupons to the postcards. 

With a physical coupon, the likelihood of folks coming to your store will increase. If you want traffic to your online store, then a digital coupon will also provide the same results. 


Direct mail marketing is still a great way to get customers to patronize your business provided you are doing it right. This is why we shared 5 direct mail marketing ideas that you can use to grow your business in the article above. 


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