Make Your eCommerce Smart


With selling online, it’s essential to get smart. In recent years, eCommerce has become a very lucrative way to sell goods and services to the masses. With the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones, the average consumer now expects to shop anywhere, anytime.

With the growing demand for online shopping, more businesses are looking to enter the eCommerce space. Unfortunately, many companies don’t have the ‌experience or skills to launch their online store. To launch your online store successfully, you need to think smartly from the beginning.

To succeed, you need to look beyond just building an attractive site. Rather, you’ll need to take advantage of new technologies. You can embrace machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop smart and innovative ecommerce strategies. This will allow you to serve customers better and keep pace with emerging trends.

How to Make Your eCommerce platform Smart

Below are a few tips to make your eCommerce platform smarter.

Use automated chatbots

The most efficient way to make your eCommerce platform smart is through chatbots. They use natural language processing and text-to-speech technologies. This enables them to converse like humans. Because they mimic human behavior, they can provide real-time customer help. 

Users may ask questions about products or services and receive answers through messaging platforms. Chatbots can also generate marketing leads and engage customers in interactive conversations. These conversations can gather valuable data from users that help businesses target their audiences effectively.

Improve your eCommerce UI

Another way to make your business smart is by upgrading your ecommerce storefront. The first thing customers notice about your store is how easy it is to navigate through. Your site’s layout should reflect simplicity and ease of use. If waiting too long for any information to arrive, they will look elsewhere to buy. Visual cues like colors and font styles can help guide customers from page to page. 

Add a human chat

Can you imagine a shopping experience without the element of human interaction? Nowadays, customers expect human contact when interacting with businesses, whether they want to order groceries or book tickets. Human Chat is a platform that enables anyone to build their own full-featured live chat application. You can add rich features like messaging, voice and video calls, and customer management. Others include payment processing, analytics, and integrations.

Make your site SEO friendly

Ensure you know how to use SEO (search engine optimization) tools to make your eCommerce smart. When setting up an eCommerce store, search engines play a big role in getting your product listed. While it may look complicated, many companies offer free applications that help with keyword selection and link building.

Use omnichannel strategy

Today’s customers expect a fully integrated customer experience on any eCommerce platform they visit. That’s what an omnichannel strategy does. It integrates all channels into one ‌website. This way, customers have access to all the information they need‌. Besides being convenient for customers, it also makes things easier for retailers. They can track all activities from their dashboard and make quick changes accordingly.

Add smart product feedback

Another way to make your eCommerce smart is by enabling product feedback. That means that when users search your website, they’re presented with several options. These alternatives are based on what other people who have visited your site purchased. You can decide if these recommendations should come from products your customers have purchased. Or if they should base the recommendation on similar items currently being viewed (similar items).

Cross-sell related products

Making your eCommerce smart involves using the cross-selling strategy. This strategy allows the selling of extra items alongside an already purchased product. You can achieve this by providing customers discounts or free shipping deals.

All these incentives are great ways to encourage repeat business. You might even consider adding features to your cross-sell list that have nothing to do with your primary product. The goal is to increase customer satisfaction through social media promotions or contests.

Use social media platforms

Most people today rely on social media for information. As such, it’s important to use social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to their fullest potential. It plays a huge role in marketing today. Many businesses don’t understand how to use the platforms. Research and determine what kind of content works best on each network and how much time you need to spend on it.

Google Shopping campaigns

Using ad campaigns can make your eCommerce platform smarter. You can automate inventory management, customer service, shipping, and payments. Campaigns also help generate sales leads and increase conversion rates through effective marketing strategies. For example, you can use pictures to promote your brand by showing the quality of your goods and explaining the difference between your product and competitors.

To succeed online, you must build smart software. The key to growing your business is identifying problems and taking action to correct them. If you can’t do these two things, you will get nowhere. Learn how to fix common issues plaguing e-commerce websites today.


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