Our Favorite Age Gap Romance Books


It’s only a matter of time before it consumes them both. Enzo – Jenna’s grown up in the system. Forced to be tough, wary, and hard. She’s only been able to count on herself.

He’s the gym owner, and she works at him, and she’s terrified of being alone with him. But Aiden also is a widow, and he is raising his child. So he’s a single dad, and he has a lot on his plate, and he’s not fighting anymore. He wants to do his best for the gym, which is so precious. If you loveeee fantasy novels about age gaps then you’re going to love these paranormal books.

Jonathan is one of those dark, twisted billionaires that you can’t help but fall for. Apparently, Aurora does too. Unfortunately, their romance is not only raising questions about Lily’s suddenly rising career, it’s threatening Luc’s professional reputation. It solves all my problems. Except now I’m living with Riverbend’s hottest cowboy – my husband in name only – and I’m still in high school. I love that this novel brings a lot to the table and can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

One that if she reciprocated could cost her everything. And she won’t return my advances, right? A beautiful, sweet, successful woman like Miss B wouldn’t want the bad boy at Brown High. I’m a failure she’s trying to fix.

Although their relationship wasn’t always the easiest for them, things fell into place, and they couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. Do you have a guess for this one? /reader-questions/reader-question-the-biker-book-where-they-break-in-and-pass-out-a… Have a guess for this one? /reader-questions/reader-question-the-biker-book-where-her-abusive-ex-killed-her-pa…

And honestly, Dex’s two girls were the absolute cutest in this book. He says he’s not gentle, and he’s right. He says I should take the dream job I’m offered in another state, and he’s right.


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