Pentagon Report: Woman ‘Pregnant’ After Sexual Encounter With UFO


    Infected by the same alien DNA, Anne Sampas was horrified by her accelerated pregnancy caused by having sex with Harry. She was killed after the alien species emerged from her stomach in a purer form, also killing Harry. The genre of feminist science fiction has explored single-sex reproduction in depth, particularly parthenogenesis, as well as gendered control over the ability and right to reproduce. See also numerous dystopian stories about state-controlled reproduction, abortion, and birth control, such as Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, or her short story, “Freeforall”. These works have often been analyzed as explorations of contemporary political debates about reproduction and pregnancy. The injuries were allegedly caused by electromagnetic radiation from supposed “energy-related propulsion systems.”

    When I got home from the UCH London, on a dark, December evening with my 2day old IVF miracle girl, I felt like an alien in my own body. The information was released under the Freedom of Information Act request. The report which had been prepared for the DIA also warned that such objects may be a “threat to United States interests”.

    Expression and regulation of human endogenous retrovirus W elements. DNA hypomethylation and aberrant expression of the human endogenous retrovirus ERVWE1/syncytin-1 in seminomas. For instance, “male pregnancy” has been used to comedic effect in mainstream literature and films such as Junior (1994 film, dir. Ivan Reitman), and has developed a following in fan fiction—the “m-preg” genre. Holly wants to be a mother in the hope that a baby might save her failing marriage. She has arranged everything for a sexy getaway in the mountains with her husband and has even brought her dildo to spice things up. Angrily, Holly walks off the trail and gets lost where she encounters with an alien.

    Ashley Graham has spoken about struggling with the changes to her body during pregnancy in her first photoshoot since the birth of her son Isaac in January, saying it felt like an “alien taking over” her body. The report listed several bizarre side-effects, with “unaccounted for pregnancy” being the strangest of them all. Space aliens are breeding with humans, university instructor says. Titled Anomalous Acute And Subacute Field Effects on Human and Biological Tissues, the report explains the impact that alleged UFO meetings have had on people’s wellbeing.

    However, the DIA held back some portion of the document due to privacy concerns. The report said it had 42 cases from medical files and 300 similar “unpublished” cases where humans had been injured after “anomalous” encounters. Kal, a male hybrid, was conceived via implantation inside a comatose human woman who displayed accelerated gestation within a week. His child also rapidly developed inside its mother’s womb but died shortly after its birth as her ambulance crashed and burst into flames.

    Heating and burn injuries from radiation, damage to the brain and the ability to impact nerves were listed as possible injuries. The report investigates the health impact on humans who have had paranormal experiences. The report, titled Anomalous Acute And Subacute Field Effects on Human and Biological Tissues, detailed the impact that alleged UFO encounters have had on people’s health. Speculative and science fiction writers have often addressed the social, political, technological, and biological consequences of pregnancy and reproduction through the exploration of possible futures or alternative realities.

    The city was a wonder, all decorated in white and gold marking the traditional colors of a king’s coronation week. Some wore intricate masks and costumes as they went about excitedly. The parade would commence soon, marking the true beginning of celebrations.

    Other experiences listed in the report were nightmares, voice loss, eye injuries and amnesia, breathing problems, and weight loss. The report also described “apparent abduction” as well as experiences of sexual encounters, telepathy and perceived teleportation. Several witnesses have alleged to have had sexual encounters with a UFO, with one woman going as far as to claim that she was pregnant afterwards. The Pentagon report detailed biological effects of UFO sightings on humans. It pointed at 42 cases in which humans suffered injuries after alleged encounters with ‘anomalous vehicles’.

    Comparative methylation of ERVWE1/syncytin-1 and other human endogenous retrovirus LTRs in placenta tissues. Fertility and reproduction have been frequent sites for examination of concerns about the impact of the environment and reproduction on the future of humanity or civilization. James is just one of many works which have considered the implications of global infertility; Make Room!


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