Polaroid Portable Am fm Radio PR100 radio Only for sale online


    Such a radio can easily fit in your pocket, and it will be easy to carry with you. Alternatively, the radio should comfortably fit in the pocket of your backpack without any problem. There is a backlit display, and you get three languages onboard. This radio lets you record directly into a memory card with multiple record quality options.

    The reading lamp is able to light up a dim area and provide lighting in the event of a power outage. We also liked the fact that you can charge your mobile devices through the radio using the hand-crank function, although we this method of charging was expectedly quite slow. The entire radio is made of strong and water-resistant ABS material for added durability, and is suitable for both indoors or home or workplace use. The sound performance of the PR-D15 is exceptionally clear and detailed, with crisp treble ranges and very nice bass response. Listening to the PR-D15 sounds like listening to a high quality stereo speaker. It also comes with bass and treble tone controls which allow you to adjust the radio output sound performance according to your preferences.

    If you have an MP3 player, you can plug your music device into the radio via an auxiliary cable. The antenna extends to 24 inches which helps with reception strength. The on/off switch also acts as a band selector switch when you move it further to the right.

    We were impressed with the overall sound that this stereo radio could output, which is more than some of the top shower speakers. It’s clear and crisp, and the bass enhancing technology actually does wonders for the radio’s deeper sounds. But, FM cannot receive multiple signals on a single frequency, but at the same time, FM has less interference than AM. The MD-088s is built for outdoors, and it is capable of handling rough weather conditions pretty nicely.

    These short waves can travel thousands of miles across the globe, so shortwave radio is, by nature, international. Can be connected to Bluetooth devices, has aux and USB port, LED background, and easy to carry. The echargeable battery with 5 hours of playing time capacity, makes it a good option to consider. She has a husband, an exceptionally small chihuahua, and 15-pound Maine Coon.

    The retro look is very thematic, and the speaker grill looks great. If you are looking for a simple, practical, bare-bones old-school looking radio on a budget, it does not get much better than this. In terms of power choices, you get both – AC and battery-powered operation. To use the radio on the go you need four AA batteries, unlike other devices that take larger and heavier C-size batteries.

    The radio runs on 2 AA batteries and is pretty much very easy to use while travelling or on the go. The stereo/mono speaker allows you to listen to the radio via the built-in speaker while using the earbuds as an antenna for the FM and NOAA weather bands. It is also capable of NOAA weather radio with alert functions which is really useful in the event of a power outage or weather emergency. Overall, the CC Pocket AM/FM radio is one of the best portable radios you can find and we highly recommend them. The TIVDIO V-111 is one of the best portable radios you can find that delivers exceptional value for money.

    This will make it easy to organize the 2.7-meter rubber wire. Nonetheless, if there is one improvement that I would like to see in this product, it would be the addition of a digital display. This will make it easier to view the station, instead of having to rely on a traditional tuning indicator.

    Weighing just two pounds with a built-in carry handle, this radio is easy to take with you without sacrificing decent sound. It supports both AM and FM radio frequencies via analog tuning and has good sensitivity to major radio stations. The radio was able to pull in a lot of radio stations including the morning news and radio talk shows as well as some music stations. The music quality of this radio is good but nothing to shout home about – music sounded crisp and clear through the radio speaker. You can really hear the dialogue and music notes through the radio with reasonable detail; we did not experience any static interference while using the radio. It also comes with a telescope antenna which you can extend to increase the sensitivity on the AM reception.

    It is well-built and tough to go anywhere with you, even in the sea. For quite a small unit, it does produce a very good sound. It is rated at 15 watts and has a certain crisp clarity across the frequencies. The bass is improved by having passive radiators at each end. These are made from aluminum and produce a rich deep sound. An LED-lit screen gives you performance information, including battery status.


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