Questions to ask before you sign a lease

sign a lease

Finding a convenient place to lease comes with a price. It is not easy to find a place that has everything on your list of things you want. Once you find a suitable place, there are things that you need to check to make your living at the place smooth and comfortable. Here are some of the vital questions you have before putting your signature on a lease.

What are the rent terms?

Terms of rent include the amount you will have to pay for the lease, the length, and what is included in the agreement. Usually, a lease term is twelve months, but some companies may offer varied periods of 18 months or six months. It is essential to know about some of these terms to know whether you can sign a longer-term lease or not.

When is rent due, and how is it paid?

It is essential to know about the rent payment process specified by the individual and company. Each landlord or company has its payment policy; therefore, it is essential to know it before signing the lease. Ask about the date by which you must pay your rent and whether there is a grace period. You do not want to find a charge on your invoice for a payment you have paid late. Also, ask about the mode of payment, whether it is through a cheque or other payment modes. Not only does paying your rent on time keep you and your landlord happy, but it also helps make your relationship with the landlord free of drama.

Is the deposit refundable?

Since you are required to pay a certain amount of security deposit before your lease period begins, it is essential to ask whether it will be refunded at the end of the lease term if you do not damage the unit or break the terms of your lease. It is vital to know whether they will withhold the whole amount or withhold a percentage if you have done damages or violated the lease terms.

What amenities are included?

Some of the amenities that apartments such as The Grove Cheney offer include parking spaces, a pool, fitness center, laundry, and many more. It is essential to ask whether the amenities have been included in the rent or you will have to pay an extra cost to access them. Feel free to ask about the amenities that directly affect you and help make your living easier and enjoyable.

Is there a pet policy?

Ask whether pets are allowed in the rental. If they allow pets, what kind of pets do they allow? Some allow cats or small dogs, some allow either. You do not have to own a pet now, but you might find the need to own one while staying there. Some cases will require you to apply the policy. For example, a guest might ask you whether they can bring along their pet, or someone can ask you to pet sit theirs while they are away. It is also essential to ask whether you will have to pay pet rent or a non-refundable pet deposit.

What is the guest policy?

Some landlords have guest policies for their rentals. There are rules for overnight guests, visitors, and extended stays. Make sure you know about the policies you need to follow. Understanding these policies will help make your renting experience easier without collisions with the landlord or the apartment’s security personnel.

Do you require renter’s insurance?

Renters insurance helps cover your belongings if they are stolen or damaged by a peril such as fire. There is also liability coverage that protects you financially if you are found responsible for someone else’s injury or damage to their property. Some landlords require tenants to have these insurance covers; it is essential to ask whether they are required to have a renters insurance cover before you sign the lease.

Signing a lease agreement is committing yourself to a legal agreement. Therefore, you should not sign it before reading it entirely and carefully. Make sure everything has been put clear on the agreement and answers to your questions have been provided entirely. Careful consideration of this step will help make your living in the rental peaceful.


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