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    Here’s what each supermarket has said it will do over the unexpected day off. Lidl is coming for the budget-buy throne, and it’s not planning on stopping there. It’s on a quest to change how America shops for groceries. Newer Lidl locations have swing-arm credit-card machines that let you pay and pack while the next customer’s groceries are sorted down the other side. The baking-product prices were much lower than, say, a big bag of Truvia or almond flour at your local Kroger or Sprouts.

    Then, I do a stock up trip once or twice a month at Aldi where prices are the lowest to fill in the gaps. This is what it currently looks like for me, but I am constantly reevaluating to be a smart shopper. At the same time, with gas prices increasing as much as they are, we need to be smart shoppers.

    Where those miscellaneous bins dropped off were shelves of toiletries and medicines from Lidl and some national brands. The butter offerings included alternatives, name brands, and Irish and European styles. There were different flavored and textured cream cheeses, plus yogurts from multiple brands made with milk, almonds, or soy. Unlike Aldi, where I was thrust into a shopping aisle, Lidl had an expanse for you to catch your breath and survey the space. In the produce section, freshness and stock seemed to be lacking in both Aldi stores I visited.

    You can purchase a Data Top Up at any time as long as the maximum additional data at any one time does not exceed 40GB above your included data allowance. Join ALDImobile on a selected plan and receive extra data for your first 6 eligible recharges for a limited time. For me, I shop the amazing sales at Kroger because their sale prices usually beat the every day low price at Aldi and Walmart.

    Then, I added some more specific items that our family uses regularly. Finally, I asked the Joyfully Thriving Facebook page for their feedback and got a lot of great requests for items to add to the list. Another supermarket closing all its stores on Monday is Lidl.


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