What Is Temperature Control Vaping?

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If you’re ever vaped with a good-quality vape mod, you might have spotted TC flashing on its digital screen. “TC” stands for temperature control, a technology for enabling temperature control vaping. 

Here’s everything you need to know about temperature control vaping:

What Is Temperature Control Vaping?

As the name suggests, temperature control is a technological solution in vape mods that allows you to control the temperature at which you vape. Since you can manipulate the temperature and keep it consistent, TC creates consistent vape clouds. 

Typically, the temperature stays within the range of 100°C to 315°C (300°F to 600°F). Vape mods with TC adjust the power sent to the coil to keep it and your vape at your chosen temperature. Evolv introduced this technology in 2014. Before the revolutionary technology of DNA chip TC, most vape mods came with adjustable wattage only. Today, many vape mods and pods come with TC, WC, and more features. 

How Does TC Work?

As a vaper, you must be familiar with resistance. The coil inside the atomizer or tank of your vape mod has a resistance, which you can see displayed on the screen with a Ω sign. For vaping in TC, you will need wires with a known resistance increment with the temperature rise. 

Your mod essentially checks the coil’s resistance at room temperature and keeps monitoring it while you vape. It adjusts the resistance change into increasing temperature and alters its power to maintain your selected temperature. 

Things You Need to Vape in TC

First things first, you will need a vape mod that supports temperature control vaping. If you want to invest in a vape pod, find one that supports TC. Evolv DNA and Yihi’s chipsets are inarguably the best for temp control vaping, but they are also pricy. If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, try Aspire, Smoant, Innokin, and Vaporesso. 

Next, you must have a suitable vape wire for temperature control vaping. Stainless steel is a popular option, and it comes in various grades, such as 304, 316L, and 430. The most popular one is 1ss316L. These wires can be used in TC and wattage control mode. Ti or titanium grade 1 is also used in TC, but it can get overheated. Nickel 200 or ni200 was the first TC coil, but it’s less common today since some vapers have nickel sensitivity. NiFe of nickel ferrous can also be used in TC. 

Each of these wires has a temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR), which essentially tells you the temperature at which the resistance will change. Your mod should know the TCR of your wire to send the appropriate power to the coil to keep a check on its temperature. 

Most TC mods have pre-set TCR values for SS316L, Ti, and Ni200. However, these values can be a bit unreliable. So, to be on the safe side, look for a mod with customizable TCR. This way, you can enter the TCR value for your chosen metal and enjoy seamless temperature control. 

How to Vape in TC

Choose TC mode in your mod and select the corresponding wipe for the coil. Enter the TCR value of the wire. Keep your tank and mod at room temperature for accurate temperature readings. Screw down the coil tightly. With rebuildable ones, trap the leads firmly.

Connect the tank or atomizer to the mod as tightly as possible. Ensure the resistance reading is accurate and lock it in place. Skip the dry burning process by spacing the coils to avoid hot spots. It will also ensure consistent resistance. Use stock coils with wattage adjustable mods and set your temperature and wattage to the lowest recommended level. Adjust them from there to suit your preference. 

Best Temperature to Vape E-Juice

Typical vaping temperatures range from 200°C to 250°C, with the temperature adjustment available in 5°C increments. The best part about vaping in TC is that regardless of the e-cigarette flavours you choose, you will have consistently excellent vapour production with adjustable temperature. You will benefit from long, flavourful hits without overheating the wick or coil. The vapour will only drop off when you’ve run out of e-juice or vape liquid. You can adjust the temperature depending on how you like your vapours. 

The Pros of TC Vaping

Here are some pros of temperature control vaping:

  • It helps you avoid burnt or dry hits. If your wick runs dry, the temperature will rise, which will result in less power, leading you to experience fewer clouds instead of burnt hits. 
  • Preventing over-heating the coil and singeing the cotton as the mod will maintain the temperature.
  • Since TC vapes only use the power necessary to keep the coil at a steady temperature, they use 1.5 times less power than non-TC mods. 
  • It results in consistent vaping due to the maintained temperature of the coil.

The Cons of TC Vaping

Here are some cons of TC vaping:

  • Not all mods have excellent TC modes. You will need to conduct proper research to find a reliable TC mod.
  • TC requires some trial and error to understand how it works.
  • Many tanks don’t have TC-ready coils. You have limited TC-friendly coil options unless you buy your own coils.

The Bottom Line 

TC vaping can be a memorable and fun experience with consistent vapours and exceptional flavour production. However, it might take some time to find the ideal mod and your preferred temperature to solve your vaping woes. Make sure to choose user-friendly TC mods with automatic dry hit protection.

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