What Should You Check When Buying Wholesale Custom Tote Bags for Business Promotions?

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Custom tote bags are among the most popular items for promotional purposes because they are easy to customize with the preferred logo or company name.

You can have them printed on the front or back, one-sided or double-sided. These wholesale bags are often used by corporations, NGOs, government agencies, and other organizations as giveaways during exhibits and other events.

Custom printed tote bags are ideal for encouraging people to participate in an event or gift for loyal customers. You can shop custom totes for fundraisers to help them secure more donations on top of what they have already collected.

There are many occasions when these stylish promotional items are most effective, which is why you need to choose suitable bags to achieve your goals.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Custom Tote Bags?

There are some factors that you need to think about when choosing custom tote bags for your campaign. They include.

The Size of the Tote Bags

The high adoption rate of tote bags amongst the female population in the North American region is expected to raise the growth of the tote bags market in this region.

Size is one of the most important things you need to consider when choosing custom bags for promotional purposes. You want your customers or audience to be able to carry what they need without too much trouble.

It means the bag should not be too heavy, nor should it be difficult to hold because it is too small.

If you are using custom tote bags for marketing events, make sure they are big enough to hold several promotional items, even the materials handed out on event day. If you want customers or customers to put in their things when going home from work or school, choose a bag with a large capacity and easy-to-carry design.

On the other hand, if you are using tote bags for a fundraising campaign that centers on donations, your primary concern should be getting as many items from people as possible.

In this case, large custom totes tend to work better because they can accommodate more things inside. Choose a bag with enough space and durable material.

The Quality of the Material

For wholesale custom tote bags, your primary concern should be choosing a material that is not only durable but also attractive. You want these promotional items to last for a long time so you can get maximum value from them.

It does not imply that you should settle for flimsy bags just because they are affordable.

If you are on a budget, shop custom totes made of low-cost materials like jute, mesh, cotton, or vinyl. You can also opt for wholesale bags that have an extra layer to make them more durable. It will make your wholesale tote bags look like they are made of more expensive materials.

The Printing Method

You should also shop custom totes that can be printed using your preferred method. You can either go for screen printing or digital printing, based on the needs of your campaign and what you prefer.

The price range varies depending on the kind of process you choose. For instance, screen printing is more affordable than digital printing, but it cannot achieve the same level of detail as the latter.

Be sure to think about your budget when choosing custom bags that can be printed using different methods. You need to determine if you want better effects or quality, then pick a method that produces your desired outcome.

The Branding Options

One of the primary goals of having custom totes printed is to promote your brand or that of your company, NGO, organization, and so on.

In this case, you need totes that allow many branding options to achieve maximum results for your campaign. Your tote bags should include space where you can put your logo, tagline, mission statement, etc.

You can go for wholesale bags that have a heat-pressed area where you can place your brand information. You can also choose totes with pockets or flaps to put logos and other promotional elements. Wholesale tote bags are versatile in branding because they leave a lot of room for creativity.

What Kind of Design You’d Prefer?

Another vital thing to think about when choosing custom totes is the design you want for your promotional items. Whether you are opting for wholesale bags or not, it always helps to have a bag with at least two designs so customers can choose what they like.

For wholesale totes, you can go for simple designs that are not too distracting. It will give maximum exposure to your brand information.

You can also consider having two-tone prints for your custom bags so each side can have a different look and feel.

On the other hand, if you want wholesale tote bags with more attractive designs, then choose those with intricate prints or multiple pockets in different colors.

The designs can be unique, so they stand out even more, but you need to make sure the printing process does not compromise the durability and functionality of your custom totes.


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