What’s a Temperature Scanning Kiosk?

Temperature scanning kiosks use a mixture of facial recognition and infrared technology to rapidly identify and scan an individual’s temperature.

These devices can determine an individual and assess their fever within a couple of seconds. This makes the kiosks suitable for mass fever vetting purposes, for example at large events such as concerts or football matches, or even for schools seeking to quickly display students as they arrive in the daytime.

How Do Scanning Kiosks Function?

To use these kiosks, a person must step inside the goal range, which is normally approximately 1-3 feet.

When a person has a fever greater than the allowed threshold, then they could be pulled aside for extra screening. Further screening may involve a fast interview about somebody’s symptoms or a different temperature screening employing a hand-held thermometer.

With some brands, consumer profiles can be made to recognize repeat visitors and track their own temperatures. This is beneficial in case of needing to contact someone that becomes ill with a contagious condition.

Since some kiosks may be incorporated with other applications, these kiosks possess the capacity to perform more than simply assess someone’s temperature. Some kiosks may be paired with doorways so that doors open to people who have a normal fever, or those people who have an individual profile.

Furthermore, these kiosks can on occasion be utilized for taking attendance. As an example, a school may use these kiosks to scan pupils as they arrive in the daytime. If each pupil has an individual profile, then every time a student arrives in the daytime and can be scanned, their fever that morning could be saved and they are sometimes marked as a gift to the day.

How Can They Be Integrated Into a Business?

Temperature screening kiosk can be integrated into many kinds of organizations.

Huge corporations can use these kiosks to rapidly screen clock and employees when they arrive. This can be especially useful for hourly workers such as warehouse workers who need to clock in and outside of work, since many kiosks can also be configured to work together with other applications such as attendance programs.

Visitors may also be scanned before they are granted access to the building. If kiosks are set in a building’s leading lobby, every visitor, whether it’s a mailman or a customer, all traffic could be scanned before they are allowed to enter the building.

Though a firm may cultivate a culture of hygiene best practices, for example mask and social distancing mandates, this culture doesn’t necessarily extend to people. Using these kiosks will help mitigate the risks related to an infected visitor in the minute they enter the building.


Schools can use these kiosks to scan students and staff as they arrive at the morning. Kiosks can be set outside principal entrances where staff enter, by carpool lanes, and right as pupils get off the buses.

Since most kiosks can be configured to integrate with added software, these kiosks can usually also be utilized for attendance taking. If these kiosks are synced using a printer, decal labels showing the pupil’s name and their temperature could be printed out. Children love wearing stickers, so this may be a fun way to take attendance, track students for feverish temperatures, and save teachers time they would have spent every morning taking attendance.

Crowded Venues

Event venues such as concert halls and athletic arenas pack thousands of people to a building simultaneously, which means that they really have to be able to mitigate the potential risks associated with gathering large crowds.

Additionally, because most attendees are entering gates in the same time, Speedy temperature scans are key in making sure that everybody

For example, at a concert venue, before an attendee’s ticket is scanned, they need to measure up to a temperature scanning kiosk.


Healthcare organizations may benefit from a hybrid strategy to fever scanning. For example, a doctor’s office could use temperature scanning kiosks for patients checking in for a consultation

Here are the costs of temperature scanning kiosks compared to other Kinds of temperature scanners:

Pedestal Temperature Screening Kiosk with Facial Recognition $2,500.00 — $2,599.00

Business-grade thermal cameras will run between $500-17,000.

Touchless Sanitizer using Digital Signage with no Temperature Screening $1,799.00

While temperature scanning kiosks are more costly than some other kinds of temperature scanners on the market such as oral and forehead thermometers, if a business is looking for a alternative that offers mass-scanning capacities while adhering to social bookmarking procedures , then these kiosks are worth the price.

Based on your needs in a temperature scanner, cost may not be as central of an issue. For instance, if you would like a thermometer for your household, you can get away with just purchasing a oral thermometer.

On the flip side, if you’re a small business wanting to scan traffic or an event venue needing to scan tens of thousands of individuals at the same time, think about a temperature scanning kiosk.

Additionally, because these kiosks are non-contact, there’s no need for employees to risk their health by scanning up a visitor close using a hand-held thermometer.

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