Poker Hands Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Game

There are ten different ways that OKBet poker hands can be categorized. The best possible hand is known as a royal flush. A straight flush comes next, followed by a whole house, then four of a kind, then three of a kind, then two pairs, then one pair, and lastly, a high card. This characteristic is shared by all of the most popular poker variations, including Texas Hold ’em.

Royal Flush

In the game of poker, a royal flush is considered the best hand. The five cards are ordered in numerical sequence from ten up to ace, and they are all the same suit.

Straight Flush

The term “straight flush” refers to a collection of cards that all have the same suit on them. Examples include the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The OKBet Royal Flush is the most impressive variation of the Straight Flush. If none of your rivals have a Royal Flush, then a Straight Flush may be the best poker hand you can get your hands on. 

In this scenario, one crucial fact to remember is that if two or more players hold a straight flush, the pot will be split three ways. The player with the highest card at the end of the hand is the pool winner. Regardless of the type of suit, the card has. For example, a straight flush with a high card of 10 will have an advantage over a straight flush with a high card of 9 because the higher value card is 10. A Straight Flush is considered to be the second-best poker hand.

Four of a Kind

There are four copies of the same card in each of the four suits. The five-card hand is completed with the high card, which is determined by comparing it to the other cards on the table or in your hand. 

Full House

In one of the hands, two pairs of cards with the same rank but different suits. In addition, there are three cards of the same value; each presented in another case. If more than one player has a whole house, the hand will be awarded to the person who has the three of a kind with the most significant value.


A poker hand is considered to be a flush if all five cards in the hand are of the same suit, regardless of the numerical value of the cards. It might be any five of the thirteen cards in a deck that are of the same case. However, they must all be in the same suit. One example is a combination of the King, the 10, the 5, the 3, and the 2. It is important to note that the rank of the cards, as opposed to the suit of the cards, will be considered. 

When more than one player has a flush in their poker hand, this situation is known as a multi-flush. A hand consisting of a King, nines, sevens, and two loses against one consisting of a King, tens, six, and one. The reason behind this is that the second card in the latter deck is superior to the second card in the former deck. Having a flush is one of the best hands you can have when playing poker. Because it is more challenging to construct than other hands and performs better than most of them, it is more expensive.


There are five cards, and there are many types of suits and sequence numbers on them. In standard play, an ace can be ranked anywhere from low (below a 2) to high (above a king), but never both low and high at the same time in the same hand.

Three of a Kind

A hand in poker consists of three comparable cards of different suits, all three of them. In addition to the three-of-a-kind, the writing is finished off by the two highest cards still in play.

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